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Middle Atlantic CHAIR-ADV1-B
Middle Atlantic CHAIR-ADV1-B Advantage Chair
MFR # CHAIR-ADV1-B UPC # 656747129728
  • Upholstered & Cushioned Seat
  • Soft Padded Armrests
  • Adjustable Mesh Backrest
  • Wide Frame with Larger Seat
  • Accommodates Sidearms & Radios

You Pay: $780.00
Middle Atlantic CHAIR-CF1-B
Middle Atlantic CHAIR-CF1-B Contour Freedom Chair
MFR # CHAIR-CF1-B UPC # 656747121500
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Dynamic, Position-Sensitive Headrest
  • Technogel Cushions & Armrests
  • Pivoting Responsive Backrest
  • 24/7 Heavy Use Durability

You Pay: $1632.00
Middle Atlantic CHAIR-TSK1-B
Middle Atlantic CHAIR-TSK1-B Task Basic Chair
MFR # CHAIR-TSK1-B UPC # 656747129735
  • Upholstered & Cushioned Seat
  • Soft Padded Armrests
  • Adjustable Mesh Backrest
  • Great for All Day Use

You Pay: $586.50
Furniture Accessories: 1-3 of 3 Filter Results + Category: Sort By: Display:
Price Range: $ - $

Middle Atlantic General Theatrical Supply is an Authorized Middle Atlantic Reseller.
Middle Atlantic specializes in manufacturing high quality racks, mounts, controllers, and accessories for AV equipment. They have been in business since 1979, which means they know the AV industry well and their products reflect that. All of their products are engineered and produced in the US to the highest industrial standards. When you purchase Middle Atlantic equipment you can be sure that every detail has been considered, right down to the thermal demands of your gear.

More about Middle Atlantic Furniture Accessories
Check out seating options and a full range of high quality monitor mounts.

More about Middle Atlantic and General Theatrical Supply
At Performance Audio, we want to supply people with the best quality products on the market, no matter what purpose they need handled. Although everyone wants to get their hand on the best microphones, recorders, speakers, and mixers, one aspect of quality that gets neglected more than others is the very place that you need to put everything in an AV installation: the racks. For this reason, we highly recommend our customers to use Middle Atlantic enclosures and racks for their dedication to high caliber products.

Why Middle Atlantic

Protect your equipment
A professional AV rack isn't just a place to put your equipment for an installation. There is a great deal of creativity, ingenuity, and science that goes into creating such a product. Middle Atlantic frames are designed to best manage your space, as well as your power and cooling needs through cable management and ventilation, keeping your gear safe and effective.

Quality matters
Many people underestimate the importance that a well-designed rack can bring to an AV installation. When it comes to protecting your gear, quality is something that matters, immeasurably. Nine times out of ten, a cheaply made product will lend itself to subpar results, and thus an unhappy customer. An AV rack that is built to last will pay for itself in time and effectiveness.

One terrific aspect of Middle Atlantic is that they hold the ideals of customization very highly. There are so many unique variations in each AV installation that it is really impossible to create a one-size-fits-all sort of solution. The design of your installation should not be built around your rack. Instead, your rack should be able to adapt to different setups. Middle Atlantic designs a quantity of quality products, so that you can find the perfect rack for every situation.

Types of Racks
The following are some of the more standard and popular options of Middle Atlantic racks available...

Gangable Floor Racks
For large installations, gangable racks provide a distinct benefit, in that they are able to be put together to create larger sections of AV racks. Essentially, they are like AV legos for adults. These racks sit firmly on the floor and are designed to go side by side, due to them not having any paneling on the sides (this also provides easier access).

Stand-alone Floor Racks
When it comes to smaller installations that don't need all of the hardware that a gangable rack can provide, stand-alone floor racks are probably your best bet. Middle Atlantic stand-alone racks provide strong and secure storage and organization that can be optimized for both ventilation and easy access.

Wall Mount Racks
If an AV installation is rather small, such as one set up in a family home, then it can be very beneficial to utilize a wall mount rack, which won't take up real estate on the floor. Wall mount racks can either be heavily paneled for ultimate protection for your gear, or they can be open-faced, which provides ample ventilation.

Performance Audio has one of the biggest Middle Atlantic inventories in the United States. We carry the most common items in stock and everything we don't carry in stock is still readily available to ship from three conveniently located Middle Atlantic distribution centers.

We have an extremely long and happy relationship with Middle Atlantic and we can ofter offer you unique solutions and expedited service that you can't find anywhere else.

Most Middle Atlantic orders ship out the same day or within 24 hours. We offer every rack, accessory and screw at great prices with fast shipping. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any advice in putting together the perfect enclosure and accessories for your needs.

Middle Atlantic has racks, furniture and accessories that fit every need.

Looking for a rack to mount your home theater equipment in? Middle Atlantic has some amazing rack solutions for you, including custom laser cut rack shelves (RSH Shelves) for tens of thousands of pieces of gear! Even if your item isn't designed with a rack in mind, your rack can look as though it is full of thoughtfully designed and matched solutions!

Looking to rack up your pro audio gear? Middle Atlantic has a broad range of perfect racks for pro audio. Everything from Desktop Racks to Desks with Built-In racks! Most can be selected in the proper number of rack units for your needs.

Is your rack overheating? Middle Atlantic has many rack thermal management solutions to help bring those temperatures down! Everything from rack mount fans and magnetic vent blockers to full closet cooling solutions!

Got some empty space to fill? Fill in your rack with Middle Atlantics amazing assortment of blank panels and custom trim options!

If you have a rack, or want a rack, Middle Atlantic has the solutions you are looking for, and nobody knows Middle Atlantic like Performance Audio!
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